~Psilocybe hoogshagenii Garden Sculpture~

~Psilocybe hoogshagenii Garden Sculpture~

An extremely lifelike copper sculpture of the psychedelic mushroom Psilocybe hoogshagenii, suitable for display in a garden or indoors as fine art/botanical sculpture. Measures 6.5 inches in height; caps are approximately 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter. Has a copper base and is signed by artist. Copper's natural range of colors makes it ideal for sculpting active Psilocybes; over time the copper will oxidize to a bluish-green similar to the oxidation of psilocybin. Copper/silver.

This sculpture is currently for sale on Etsy.com

Texas Original

Designated a Texas Original by The Texas Commission on the Arts

Description text and images Copyright © 2001-2015 David Smith

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